safex system

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safex system

Safex Systems has a wide network of dealers and retailers across India which provides with a wide rage of SAFEX products for your needs. These dealers and retailers have been awarded a Authorized Dealer / Retailer certificate on various product/service quality benchmarks set by SAFEX.

Products are Matt finish, abrasion resistant & high temperature withstanding properties. Used as overlays for electrical / electronic switches, fascia panels, dials, Index separator etc..

These Labels are in continuous serial number and can be provided with alpha numeric Barcode.

These Labels are used to prevent misuse of valuable parts under warranty, pilferage, identifying genuine material, approved or rejected material. These labels upon removal will leave a distinct void mark on the surface and cannot be refixed. They can also be provided with barcodes and serial numbers for added security.

For holding of non-ferrous material during grinding.
Mounting of nameplates / emblems / mirrors / decorative strips etc.Mounting of Flexographic & Nylo Plates.Web Splicing of jumbo Rolls.Bonding circuit boards, Plastic to metal etc, thus eliminating use of rivets.

Excellent chemical & solvent resistance, can be used for reinforcing slot liners, insulating Bus-Bars & Transformer Jumper Arms.Used in Heavy Duty Application, Outstanding resistance & toughness. Most ideal for safety consciouspersonnel.To discourage fungal growth, Used in coil winding, transformers, Moulding wires in motors, core isolation in relay & solenoid coils.

A gasket having the profile of a mould for slush moulding articles of two or more colours such as simulated leather products or the like from materials chosen from thermoplastic, thermosetting and elastomeric resins in powder form, the profile being that along that line of the mould which defines on the moulded article the corresponding separation line between two different colours, the gasket being fixed to a separation wall which defines two separated half-spaces within the mould, in which gasket there being arranged a plurality of rigid material inserts in a predetermined distribution, each being independently controlled by an actuator device to enable the gasket to undergo expansion or retraction movements by operating the inserts.

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