Roofing Cleaning Products

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Roofing Cleaning Products

You just had your new roofing system installed and you felt so exhilarated. Or so you thought, because little did you know dirt and mildew are slowly accumulating, stains are showing too. This may warn you well that your roof needs cleaning the soonest possible time. Soap and water would be the cheapest resort but does not guarantee a total clean up. A quick info on roofing cleaning products would be helpful.

Roof Reviver is a cleaning agent that does not contain strong chemicals that can be damaging to your roof. In fact it is designed to protect your roof from further damage. Renowned shingle manufacturers, because of its proven efficacy, recommend it.

If you have rubber roofing, you will need a cleaning product that is specially designed for synthetic materials without destroying it. Dicor has a wide variety of roofing cleaning product line that is specially intended for roofing made of rubber material. One of which is Roof-Gard Rubber Roof Protectant, which can clean away oil-based dirt and grime while maintaining the moisture and the color of your rubber roof.

If you want a roofing cleaning products that are free from harmful ingredients, you can try Roof-Be-Clean. This cleaning agent focuses on protecting your roof from the damaging elements in the environment like weather. It takes away roof stains while preserving its luster and color. It is also made of environment-friendly components.

Stains, if not washed immediately can eventually rotten the roof. In order to prevent costly damaged to your roof you need a roof stain-protector. Zincshield can take away the stain off your roof. It also inhibits the growth of stain-forming contaminants. With this, you are assured that your roof is stain-free for a longer period of time. The earlier you treat the stain out from your roof the greater is your saving from future roof-restoration expenditures.

You can also try Dur-A-Shield cleaning products like their coatings, which are made to handle all the roof-destroying factors. It works well on any surfaces and materials. The coating is made to last under any harsh temperature. The color of your roof will not be damaged and the surfaces are not chipped off. In short, this product is roof- friendly and environmentally safe.

There are actually many approaches in dealing with a stained and grimed roof. If you are not up to replacing it with new one, then cleaning it up is the best thing to do. Using the right roofing cleaning products that are just right for your roof and just the right for your health might just be the key to restoring and preserving one of your priced possessions- your roof.

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