Metal Roofing Manufacturers

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Metal Roofing Manufacturers

Roofing is greatly considered the crowing glory of your home or of any constructed building. The continuous growth of the roofing industry has prompted roofing manufacturers to extend in different branches worldwide, while some still cater to domestic clients. And since more and more people now use metal roofing, more metal roofing manufacturers are also coming into existence and join the competitive world of metal roofing industry.

In New Zealand, a manufacturer of metal roof was established since 1966 to cater to clients in roll-form steel and other metals for roofing and protection purposes. Named as New Zealand Metal Roofing Association, the organization consists of a group of around 30 companies who are dedicated to producing a wide range of metal roofing products. All the members of the association are active in the development of industry standards and in developmental research promoting metal roofing and cladding. It also coordinates with the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and the Cladding Institute of New Zealand (CINZ).

In Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, there is also another group of companies that formed a single association offering metal roofing products and this is the Metal Cladding and Roofing manufacturers Association (MCRMA). These groups of metal roofing manufacturers wish to promote and develop a better understanding among the clients and end users of the importance and efficiency of metal building products, components, and systems. They aim to ensure a European-wide standard of product excellence by making sure that the published standards for metal roof and wall cladding are in harmony with the best practices. Also, the association is in pursuit of technical excellence in terms of product development, improved manufacturing and more reliable installation methods and standards.

In the United States, Canada, and in Mexico, here are a few of the top ranking metal roofing manufacturers offering and supplying superior metal roofing products and services. American Building Components, founded in 1908, manufactures and markets metal cladding products and its accessories for post-frame applications with product quality and customer service as their strong foundation for continuous growth. Another is Classic Metal Roofing which is more than 25 years in service already providing quality products, and expert metal roofing support. Central States Manufacturing, Inc. caters to both residential and commercial clients in the central regions of the United States, manufacturing and bringing about high quality metal building components. Just like any other company, they highly regard every customer or client and provide the best possible service in their metal roofing needs. These are only a few of the metal roofing manufacturers aiming to deliver the best services in their regions.

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