Exterior Siding Materials for Your Homes

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Exterior Siding Materials for Your Homes

Exterior siding refers to the outermost building materials of a house or a structure. There are many ways on how to go about it, and is determined by the budget one has. Exterior siding has two functions – first is the role it plays to protect the frame of the house against nature’s elements; and second is the aesthetic value it gives to the structure.

Exterior siding serves as insulation to the frame of the house, giving it protection from the rain, sun, water or moisture, and wind. With the right exterior siding in place, your house will be safe, and will become durable & lasts longer. Refurbishing and repairs will be less necessary. One will only have to do preventive maintenance, as cleaning the exterior siding materials, to keep these in good condition.

The exterior siding made use at home, will give it the look desired upon. One may opt for an elegant look with the use of stones for siding. The use of bricks for exterior siding will give the outside surface of your house a textured look. For more colorful siding options, one may use painted wood and stucco. Depending upon the look preferred, one could acquire it with the options available.

Making use of bricks, woods and natural stones for your exterior siding would cost more, than cheaper alternatives. Among the available alternatives for your exterior siding are vinyl, engineered wood, fiber-cement material and cultured stone.

As a cheaper alternative to wood siding, one can make use of vinyl materials. These are durable and would require less maintenance. There are findings however that shows some negative effects of vinyl on one’s health. There are also contrary claims that vinyl, with its use at homes, does not affect one’s health.

Engineered wood is made from wood chips that are of fiber size and mixed with additives, wax, and resins – and then applied with appropriate heat and pressure. The resulting homogeneous panel mimics the effects of natural wood siding.

Fiber-cement siding is a cement board that can look like wood siding or regular vinyl siding. It is durable and would require only a minimum maintenance. It is also convenient to use because of its ease of installation.

Cultured stone for your exterior siding is made out of a lightweight stone veneer product that can be your alternative to natural stone siding. It can take the natural stone’s size, shape, form and texture. This is the cheaper way to get the natural stone siding effect.

However you would want your exterior siding to look, and how you want it to effectively serve its purpose, is a choice only you can decide – in consideration as well of the budget you would allocate for this project.

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