Board and Batten Siding Basics

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Board and Batten Siding Basics

Board and batten siding is one of the most basic ways of siding. This is also called board-and-batt, and is employed by nailing the cedar boards vertically on a wall and covering the spaces in between boards with strips of wood called battens. It is also sometimes called as barn-siding because many North American barns are made with board and batten siding.

Boards that are 6-inch wide should be fixed on the horizontal blocking lines with one nail on its center. The battens are then placed covering the spaces and overlapping on two boards, and will be fastened with one nail on its center as well. Take note though that these battens will not be nailed to the boards, but on the horizontal supports, passing thru the spaces between boards. If you are using an 8-inch wide board, use 2 nails spaced at 3 inches apart.

Among the many woods available for use on such applications, cedar woods are commonly used for board and batten siding, as these are more resistant to decay. Wood siding materials require treatment to make it more resistant to moisture and from pests.

Inspection should be done at least once a year for board and batten siding so that one will be able to evaluate its condition and properly evaluate for repairs on damages. Any split or battens already showing signs of rotting should be right away replaced, and all other necessary care and maintenance fit for your situation may be done immediately.

It is advisable to have thicker boards, as these will these provide protection for your house and will last longer. You also need to caulk the edges if there are any cracks. Always make sure that all necessary wood preparations and treatments are done with – as this would help in the durability of your siding, and making it strong for a good period of time.

Having the high quality of wood for your board and batten siding, and employing the appropriate techniques in preparation, installation, finishing & maintenance, will all do you well in the long run. It will be able to serve its purpose longer, and will give you less headaches in the future if you do so.

Never settle for substandard materials or cheap inexperienced labor, as you may very well witness a lousy job and a work that will need to be redone – and all leading to higher costs and expenses in the end. So always do it right the first time, and you’ll have a board and batten siding that will serve you well.

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